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hello, my darlings! i’m constantly telling you guys how much i love you, so i’d like to offer a big present to one of you lucky people! 

i’m doing a $200 EXO MERCH giveaway! yeah, you read that correctly. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of exo merchandise! anything from ebay or amazon counts, as long as it’s exo related! albums, clothing, jewelry, posters, nothing is off limits!!

the shitty edit above showcases just a small selection of some of the great stuff you’ll be able to choose from, and trust me, there’s TONS more. 

now this giveaway applies to followers only, so that means you have to be following me [for real like you won’t get away with it don’t even try]


  • you must be following me, (i will check!) since this is a special giveaway for my followers! please don’t participate if you plan on unfollowing after the giveaway. seriously, i know your tricks and you will not be considered.
  • likes do not count but you can like this post for reference of course!
  • giveaway blogs are not able to enter
  • 1 reblog = 1 entry
  • you can reblog this as many times as you like, but please try not to spam your followers too much ;;
  • please don’t delete this text or your entry will not count and you will be blocked
  • if you win, you must make a wish list on ebay and/or amazon and send it to me. 
  • i will use a random number generator to find the winner
  • i will give the winner 48 hours to respond before choosing an alternate winner
  • your ask box must be open otherwise i cannot contact you and i will choose an alternate winner
  • if you are under 18, please remember to ask your parents/guardians for permission!
  • you can choose as many things as you like, as long as it’s within the $200
  • this giveaway will end on OCTOBER 1st, 2014 (at 11:59pm EST)

if you have any questions regarding the giveaway, feel free to message me. have a wonderful day! kisses ♡

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the previous promotion has been successful, so i think it would be okay to set a promo every month. because of this, i officially open the daenso’s september promotions! there are a lot of wonderful blogs that have to be discovered by me and you all! on september 16th GMT+1 (or a bit later, it depends on how much busy i am) i will choose other six blogs to promote on my tumblr. everyone can be part of it, so don’t be shy. as always, the six blog will be chosen by random.org and published with some addictional infos in my promo page.


  • you must be following me.
  • you have to be a kpop related or themes blog.
  • you have to reblog this post, likes don’t count.
  • if you have been published in the previous promo you can be in this promo as well, so you can enter this, don’t worry.
  • the choosen blogs will have to reblog the promo post i’ll write soon after and give me some infomation about their blogs, so keep your askbox open.

(don’t forget that everyone is wonderful and if you are not choosen it doesn’t mean you are not good ar that your blog is not okay, it just means this wasn’t your chance and that you can try again.)

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I’m a tree that grows hearts, one for each that you take. You’re the intruder hand, I’m the branch that you break.

chanbaek in sync..(。・ω・。)ノ♡

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Baekhyun - tree of life

Baekhyun pretty hands ft that little armpit hair  \(T∇T)/